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16 May 2023 9h00 17 May 2023 17h30

Duration of the module: 2 days

Day 1: 9am – 5:30pm
Day 2: 9am – 5:30pm

Date and place

May 16 and 17, 2023
Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier – Nîmes
2 rue École de Médecine – CS 59001
34060 Montpellier cedex 2

Course outline

Day 1 – Surgical Videos & Lecture (Practitioners only)

1. Presentation of clinical cases
2. Surgical videos with commentary
3. The physiopathology of the maxillary sinuses
4. Patient preparation
5. Surgical and prosthetic time
6. Biomechanics of zygomatic implants
7. Review of the literature on zygomatic implants
8. Complications of zygomatic implants
9. Provisional prosthesis, immediate loading and use of zygomatic implants

Day 2
– Dissections and surgical protocols for zygomatic implants (Practitioners + assistants)

The assistants will be able to participate in the practical sessions in pairs with their practitioners as well as in a “special assistants” workshop (preparation of the operating room & operating aid)

1. Installation of the surgical material for zygomatic implants
2. Dissection of the superficial planes and anatomy of the zygomatic implant sites and genital region
3. Practical work on 3D printed clinical case models: protocol for the placement of zygomatic implants
4. Time by time zygomatic implant surgery on human anatomical parts: incision, debonding, drilling and implant placement
5. Dissections on anatomical parts
6. Highlighting of anatomical risks: maxillary sinus, nasal cavity, zygomatic bone and masseter and temporal muscles, orbit and infra orbital foramen


+ Understand and master the surgical and prosthetic protocol of zygomatic implants (immediate loading and use prosthesis)
+ Understand the anatomical environment through dissections and analysis of risk factors
+ Analysis of complications


Dr Nicolas BOUTIN
+ Dr Bernard CANNAS
+ Pr Guillaume CAPTIER
+ Dr Jean-Luc HORIOT
+ Dr Marie-Hélène LAUJAC
+ Dr Tanguy ROUXEL
+ Dr Jean-Gabriel TRANIÉ


Prosthetic laboratory (only on D1) : 700€.
Practitioner only (D1 – D2) : 3 500€.
Practitioner (D1 – D2) + Assistant (only on D2) : 4 200

One option only

Means of payment : Paypal – Check

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